Romain Bézier

My name is Romain, Art Director at Iventions. I hold a Master’s degree in Multimedia Art Direction, and I boast a strong creative eye and 7 years' experience in the design sector.

My passion for creating visually stunning graphics has taken me from Paris to Berlin, and now to my current home – Barcelona. In my previous positions as a graphic designer and art director, I’ve had the privilege of working with world-renowned brands such as Facebook, Netflix and Spotify where I successfully ideated, designed and oversaw creative projects with great global impact. With almost a decade of experience under my belt, I’m an expert in developing 360° marketing campaigns across multiple platforms and consumer touchpoints, and crafting original, eye-catching digital, print and social designs.

Every day at Iventions is a challenge I face with immense enthusiasm. I am responsible for making sure every event is visually appealing for attendees. From developing the event branding and identity to designing on-site elements and digital marketing content, I work scrupulously to visually enhance the entire experience and make sure no message is lost. Thanks to the great variety of projects and dynamic international atmosphere, I thrive creatively and work to the best of my ability.

Romain Iventions Art Director

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+34 933 028 640

I speak French and English fluently and Spanish conversationally

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