Lisa Despeysses

I am Lisa, Head of Creative at Iventions. I am a native French and German citizen and hold a Master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Management, Communication and International Event Management.

Over the past 5 years I developed a strong experience in international event production, from both a creative and production perspective. As Head of Creative at Iventions I am continuously developing and designing new formats for multi-faceted events, while managing a team of designers. Having worked for international brands, sports events, and corporations as a Project Manager gave me the perfect background to understand the complexity and challenges of event productions of all sorts, especially for high-demanding clients. 

The power of Iventions resides in their tremendous eye for details and in the attention to clients, most of all the capacity to understand them, to get into their mind and to convert their wishes into reality.  It is very inspiring to work in an efficient ambience, with a reactive, cautious and professional team that speaks many languages and is very open minded. Lately, I worked on the content design and audio-visual show production of the VEEAM Party. A great event to show what Iventions is capable of!

Iventions team - Project Manager - Lisa Despeysses

Feel free to contact me:

+34 933 028 640

I speak French, German, English, Portuguese and Spanish fluently

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Projects I worked on

VEEAM Experiential Event

1800 attendees

An amazing custom-made show for the most experiential and immersive party ever held in Barcelona

US Law University

24 venues for 1-week experience

A week of unique and truly enchanting Lisbon experiences for the guests of a US Law University

Clients I have worked with