Bihter Güney

I am Bihter, Project Manager at Iventions. I am a native Turkish citizen and hold a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing. My career started 11 years ago in the aviation sector and expanded in different directions, such as product management, brand management, and event coordination. For example, I have been managing IT products for well-known brands like Verbatim, Logitech, Epson, Casio and Wacom. Since I also studied Physics for a Bachelor degree and still continue my academic works nowadays, my way of thinking is quite analytical, which helps when it comes to assessing specific situations and making impactful decisions. I have developed distinctive skills in communication, human relations and logistical management in all of my previous professional experiences.

The uniqueness of Iventions comes from its individuality and the international profiles of the team members. At Iventions you can see that union means strength, and this is proven in every event by fulfilling the clients’ expectations. Being part of this team is an outstanding learning opportunity for my career and personal development. Every single day I see the passion and energy being the key of our success.

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+34 933 028 640

I speak Turkish and English fluently, Spanish conversationally

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Projects I worked on

UEFA Champions League Finals

6,000 sponsor VIP's

Avant-garde Hospitality Village for the sponsors of UEFA Champions League Finals

Clients I have worked with