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Hosting a gathering for the top VEEAM SOFTWARE clients from around the world!

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VEEAM 2023



The VEEAM SOFTWARE event happens during VMware Explore, which is held annually in Barcelona. In the past, VEEAM SOFTWARE hosted a large party for the attendees of VMware Explore. This year, however, VEEAM SOFTWARE took a different approach, hosting an exclusive dinner for their top clients at Casa Milá in the heart of Barcelona.


We assisted VEEAM SOFTWARE in moving in this new direction to host an avant-garde dinner event.

Despite Casa Milá's historical significance since its opening in 1912, it had never been the venue for an event of this size and format . The event planning process presented multiple challenges and demanded great flexibility, creativity and adaptability, swift responses and an agile co-ordination to manage numerous suppliers and the specific requirements of Gaudí’s Casa Milá due to its cultural heritage status.

We were thrilled to avail of the professionalism and flexibility of our trusted suppliers along with the venue management to work with us to stage this unique experience. The evening unfolded with guided tours through the iconic building, an interactive Crack the Code game, live music performances, stunning live figures representing the famous chimneys of Casa Milá, and a memorable dinner, concluding with after-dinner drinks on the breathtaking rooftop terrace.

With thanks to close collaboration with the VEEAM SOFTWARE team, we triumphed in orchestrating a remarkable event. Over the course of the evening, guests were treated to an exceptional experience, with meticulous attention to detail and an enticing array of captivating attractions.


Thank you all so very much for the amazing job you did bringing our Veeam brand to life… yet again. I appreciate your amazing attention to detail - your ability to keep pushing the partners, and everyone’s positive can-do attitude along the way.

VEEAM Software

Creating a premium event at a stunning location is something we revel in


  • Exclusive dinner
  • With entertainment concept
  • International clients
  • 140 VIP guests


  • Event conceptualization & planning
  • Creative entertainment design & booking
  • Event decoration
  • AV
  • Transfers
  • Catering
  • Staffing

Work process

We began the process by curating a selection of venues, ultimately opting for the iconic Casa Milá designed by Antoni Gaudí.

Casa Milá is a cultural heritage site which comes with restrictions, rules and regulations for any event held at the location, which required creative problem-solving to shape the event towards the client’s needs.

In addition, we organized bespoke entertainment for the reception, dinner and after-dinner drinks on the rooftop terrace to guarantee a fun, exciting and sparkling experience that guests will remember for a long time.

The event’s resounding success fills Iventions with pride, as we played an instrumental role in shifting the event from a party into a sophisticated executive dinner.

This is the third time we’ve had the pleasure of working with VEEAM SOFTWARE, over the years we’ve developed a fantastic relationship. Planning events for VEEAM SOFTWARE is a joy, from their expansive briefs which allow for creativity, to the close collaboration with their team and to their creative approach to their customer journey.

Theresa Baum, Account Director
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