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A Turkish hospitality space fit for Champions

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UEFA Champions League Final 2023



For the UEFA Champions League Final 2023, we designed and decorated the hospitality areas inside and outside the Atatürk Olympic Stadium


UEFA sought to recruit a visionary event architect with boundless creativity, adaptability, and a solution-oriented mindset for specific event areas. The ultimate goal was to craft an engaging and innovative Brand, Decoration, and Entertainment concept tailored to the distinct Hospitality Areas and diverse Target Groups of the UEFA Champions League™ Final 2023.

The hospitality areas encompassed VIP guests hosted in the VIP Areas, Finalists' guests hosted in the Finalists' Areas, Official Hospitality guests accommodated in Suites and Official Hospitality Lounges, as well as Commercial Partners areas.

Given the global significance of this event, our unwavering focus on precision and meticulous attention to detail played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of the evening.

We take huge pride in bringing spaces to life that provide unforgettable experiences for guests. We embraced the exciting proposition of ensuring Turkish elements played a central role.


You demonstrated great adaptability and flexibility in this UCL Final, as usual, with your incredible problem-solving skills and seamless handling of last-minute requests!

Theresa Ruivo, Hospitality Producton Manager at UEFA

We created an authentic atmosphere balancing the football decoration and the Turkish culture


  • 1-day event
  • 11.195 hospitality guests
  • 32.000 sqm
  • Three weeks of assembly and disassembly


  • look & feel concept
  • project management and planning
  • space design & decoration
  • custom-made structures
  • traditional decorative items
  • on-site logistical management
  • re-use of produced items

Crafting innovative and engaging spaces for the UEFA Champions League Final

Work process

We were delighted to continue our ongoing collaboration with UEFA for this year’s Champions League Final in Istanbul.

Our creative and interior design teams collaborated to design the spaces for 11,000 special guests. The graphic design team played a vital role, creating stunning both generic and team-specific graphics of the two finalists, and signage within the hospitality areas. Our interior team designed premium spaces that drew inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Turkey, seamlessly integrating elements to have a visually stunning aesthetic throughout.

We curated a selection of thoughtfully designed and locally sourced items from Turkish suppliers to showcase the region, including traditional mosaic lamps and custom-made neon-lit football chandeliers. By sourcing such materials we were able to highlight the rich craftmanship and cultural heritage of the region, which infused genuine authenticity to all of the spaces.

By sourcing locally produced items, we could ensure that we made a positive impact on the local economy and we enforced our commitment to creating sustainable events.

As part of our extensive preparation process, we spent two weeks on-site prior to UEFA Champions League Final 2023, meticulously examining every single detail of the facilities. By investing this time prior to the event, we could proactively resolve potential issues, adjust and fine-tune. We feel strongly that this commitment to the details is instrumental to flawless execution.

The client's exceptional collaboration made it a pleasure to work with them, easing the complexities that can arise in a project of this nature.

Sara Jiménez, Project Manager
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