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Crafting an inviting stand for a global telecoms player at MWC 2023

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Radisys at MWC 2023



For the third consecutive year, Iventions has successfully conceived and designed an exhibition stand for Radisys at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Our brief was to create a stand for Radisys that would generate visitor interaction and engagement. To achieve this, we enhanced our previous designs by situating demo stations around the perimeter of the stand, thereby creating an inviting central space for visitors.

Radisys is a leading global player in open telecom solutions. It was imperative that our design highlighted their features and provided ample space for demonstrations to take place. Radisys’ end-to-end portfolio spans from digital endpoints, to open disaggregated access and core solutions, to immersive digital applications and engagement platforms.

Since 2006, Mobile World Congress has taken place at Fira Barcelona. The event is the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event. With connectivity and digital accessibility being more important than ever, thousands of tech professionals gather at Mobile World Congress Barcelona to discover and discuss the latest innovations in the industry.

It was a pleasure to work with Radisys once again. The challenge to always think of a new design and concept is something we relish and ensures that they are happy to return year on year.

David Atkinson. Key Account Director at Iventions



We created a platform for Radisys to showcase their features in style at Mobile World Congress 2023


  • 4-day event
  • 88,500 attendees
  • From 202 countries
  • 2,400 exhibitors
  • 1000+ speakers
  • 54 sqm for the Radisys stand


  • stand design & construction
  • storage facilities
  • furniture & custom-built elements
  • reception & hospitality areas
  • demo stations
  • product placement
  • graphic design & branding production
  • hall services management
  • stand-by 24/7 service

Work process

Our brief was to improve on our previous successful editions and to entice more visitors onto the stand. To create this, we designed the stand to be inviting, with the central area open to allow visitors the freedom to approach and walk around without obstacles. Additionally, we incorporated a suspended roof, which not only expanded the vertical dimension but also imparted an airy and spacious ambiance to the stand.

To highlight Radisys’ cutting-edge features, we covered a prominent wall with a screen, which had a striking the visual impact. In addition to this focal point, we strategically positioned demo stations along the stand’s perimeter, ensuring an immersive and engaging experience that effectively showcased Radisys’ high-tech features.

Our team provided 24-hour assistance to the client across the event, ensuring seamless exhibit experience. This collaborative effort resulted in a resounding success for the third consecutive year.

For the third year in a row, we managed to create something special together. It is immensely gratifying to reward the trust of a client with a successful exhibit.

Francisca Silva, Exhibit Lead Project Manager
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