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A vibrant, welcoming stand for a leading European pharmaceutical company.

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Quimidroga at CPHI



We were thrilled to once again have the opportunity to design and construct Quimidroga's stand at CPHI Barcelona. The objective for the 2023 stand was to cultivate an environment that encourages visitors and guests to readily approach and engage with the exhibit.


Upon receiving the client's directive to fashion an open and inviting stand, we utilised our extensive expertise in crafting first class exhibits for renowned brands at premier global trade shows. Our persistent focus on all the small details allows us to constantly deliver standout displays that resonate with visitors.

Since being established in 1944 in Barcelona, Quimidroga have specialised in the sale and distribution of chemical products. Over the course of nearly 80 years, they have evolved into one of Europe's biggest distributors. Quimidroga has a product portfolio encompassing over 7,000 items sourced from 860 suppliers and have approximately 7,200 customers located all across the world.

CPHI stands as the world's largest pharmaceutical event, boasting nearly 2,000 exhibitors. The event hosted over 40,000 industry executives hailing from 170 countries, which highlights the global significance of the event. CPHI serves as an annual connection event for leading pharmaceutical entities, consultants, and technology and service providers. The event comprises both a trade exhibition and a congress, facilitating discussions on the sector's future challenges and innovations.

After the conclusion of the fair, the organizers responsible for the sustainability aspect of CPHI have designated this project as GOLD in terms of a sustainable booth, considering the materials used for its setup.

We are pleased to have such a close working relationship. The support we received provided us with a peace of mind.

María López. Director of Institutional Relations and Communication at Quimidroga




Harnessing our experience to elevate our client’s brief is something we relish.


  • 3-day event
  • 45,000 attendees
  • 1,800 exhibitors


  • stand design & construction
  • storage facilities
  • semi-private meeting room
  • furniture & custom-built elements
  • reception & hospitality areas
  • branding production

Work process

The brief we received from the client was clear: create an inviting stand for guests and visitors. This meant our objective was to meet and exceed these expectations, ensuring the stand would shine amidst such a competitive landscape.

To capture attention, we designed a vibrant stand that enhanced the client’s branding and incorporated an extensive array of wooden elements to create a welcoming and warm ambiance.

Strategically, we took bold steps, eliminating walls and a roof from the design. This move not only opened up the space horizontally but also vertically, creating an immersive experience that draws people inside the stand.

Within the stand, we delineated a semi-private area conducive to discreet business discussions. Simultaneously, for more informal meetings, we fashioned areas featuring a mix of high and low tables, complemented by various seating options.

Working with Quimidroga is a joy, they’re open to new ideas and very receptive to any guidance we have to share on the project.

Ana Oma, Project Manager
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